Technical Performance and Racing Related Questions

What is "low end", "midrange", and "top end" horsepower? And why is it so important to consider when choosing a performance product such as Intake Spacers, Exhaust, Cold Air Intake, etc?

I see the NWP Engineering 5pc Thermal Intake Spacers make 10hp and 12 ft-lbs of torque on the FWD VQ35DE Maxima/Altima engine. How accurate is that testing?


Thermal Intake Spacer Related Questions

What is the difference between the 5pc and the 3pc Thermal Intake Spacer Kit for the VQ35DE?

What makes your Intake Spacers different than other companies?

Isn't it better to go with an insulating Spacer that's thicker than 1/4"? Bigger is better, right?

Is there a performance difference between the Economy and the Phenolic Spacer Kits?

I'm concerned about my front strut tower brace (FSTB) fitment. How much higher will the upper intake manifold (UIM) sit?

Do your Intake Spacers affect performance in other ways besides lowering temps?

Will the NWP Engineering VQ35DE Thermal Intake Spacers work with the Kinetix or SFR Intake Manifold?

I hear a whistling sound after installing the kit for the VQ35DE engine. The car idles and performs perfectly, but is this whistling sound normal?

How difficult is the spacer kit to install?

What does the coolant bypass fitting that is included in your Spacer Kits do?

What is the difference between the 02-03 3.5L Maxima Spacer kits versus the 04-08 3.5L Maxima Spacer kits?

Do you make a Thermal Intake Spacer Kit for the 00-01 Maxima?

Does the 95-99 Maxima Thermal Intake Spacer Kit work with the MEVI (Middle Eastern Variable Intake) manifold? What about the 00VI (2000 Maxima Variable Intake) manifold?


VIAS and EGR Block Plate Related Questions

What does the VIAS Block Plate do?

What is the difference between the two VIAS Block Plates that are offered?

Do you sell any VIAS Block Plate Kits for the 2009+ Maxima or the 2007+ Altima 3.5L?

Won't I get a Check Engine Light if I eliminate the EGR system on my 04-08 Maxima or 05-06 Altima?

What is the purpose of the EGR system and why would I want to eliminate it?


Ordering, Shipping, and Other Questions

Do you accept orders over the phone?

Do you accept Money Orders or Personal Checks?

I have an idea for a new product, will you be able to design and produce it?



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